• Competitive pay

  • Charitable time off

  • Opportunity for growth

  • Monthly happy hours and events

  • Coffee and beer included

  • Family owned business

  • Brooke Toner

    Consulting Admin Assistant - Golden

    “ The feeling of being the “new person” didn’t last long. Everyone was so helpful, willing to answer questions, and extremely nice. ”

  • Lexie Garcia

    Senior Business Consultant - Laramie

    “ My favorite thing about working at ATBS is the family atmosphere. From my first day I felt that I was welcomed and everyone was extremely helpful. ”

  • Diego Madrigal

    Business Consultant - Golden

    “ Every department at ATBS works as a team and lifts each other up. I take the values ATBS employees practice everyday and implement them into my work ethic to make sure I am just as supportive and uplifting to others ”

Our Leadership Team

  • Todd Amen

    President and CEO

  • Jeff Amen

    Vice President

  • Matt Amen

    Vice President

  • Dan Prime

    General Manager

  • Mike Hosted

    VP of Sales and Marketing

  • Chris Goodsell

    Consulting Manager

  • Susana Hatfield

    Director of Marketing

  • Bob Hellrung

    Admin Services Manager

  • Charlotte Cowie-Bozner

    Tax Resolution Manager

  • Tim Hill

    Entity Services Manager

  • David Nieto

    Inside Sales Manager

  • Brooke Amen

    Talent Acquisition and Development Manager

  • Doug Roehrkasse

    Laramie General Manager

  • Michael Schneider


  • Deanna Plant

    Tax Manager