• Competitive pay

  • Charitable time off

  • Opportunity for growth

  • Monthly happy hours and events

  • Coffee and beer included

  • Family owned business

  • Nicole Lamorie

    Inside Sales Executive - Golden

    “ In today's age companies have strayed away from showing staff appreciation and at ATBS it’s overflowing. Whether it be words of praise, individual incentives, team incentives, or company parties ATBS always shows gratitude. ”

  • Jeff Allen

    Business Consultant - Laramie

    “ Each day is an opportunity to help improve someone’s livelihood and I enjoy being a part of our client’s success stories. ”

  • Diego Madrigal

    Business Consultant - Golden

    “ Every department at ATBS works as a team and lifts each other up. I take the values ATBS employees practice everyday and implement them into my work ethic to make sure I am just as supportive and uplifting to others ”

Our Leadership Team

  • Todd Amen

    President and CEO

  • Jeff Amen

    Vice President

  • Matt Amen

    Vice President

  • Dan Prime

    General Manager

  • Mike Hosted

    VP of Sales and Marketing

  • Carl Thorngren


  • Chris Goodsell

    Consulting Manager

  • Michael Schneider

    Tax Manager

  • Susana Hatfield

    Director of Marketing

  • Bob Hellrung

    Admin Services Manager

  • Charlotte Cowie-Bozner

    Tax Resolution Manager

  • Tim Hill

    Entity Services Manager

  • David Nieto

    Inside Sales Manager

  • Brooke Amen

    Talent Acquisition and Development Manager

  • Doug Roehrkasse

    Laramie General Manager